Xclick is not working in mac catalina

while intended to open android studio it is not at all opening. and even most of the Xclick functionality working in ubuntu is not working sir (like XType| path )(XClick | img.png | #doubleclick) is not working i don’t know why i have tried in many ways please let me know what i have to do

From your screenshot I can see that the right icon is found:

So the issue is a permission issue:

In Security > Accessibility, make sure kantu-xy-host is allowed. This is the app that controls the mouse clicks and simulates the XType keystrokes:

Then everything works fine, see here. The macro clicks on “Notes” to open it and then double-clicks the folder icon to show the content:

PS: Ubuntu and Windows do not have such a fancy app permission system, this is why it works there “out of the box”.

awesome its working perfectly