Xclick Error - visualAssert: No input image found for file name

I tried check the docs as much as possible but I can’t get the xclick working like the video demo.

I hope I can get some hints to resolve my problem, thank you very much. I’m already changed the confidence from 0.8 to 0.5 but it still not work.

  • The error No input image found for file name... means that this input file itself is missing. The file is not in the “Visual” tab or the /images folder. So the input file is itself is not found.

  • This error does not mean that the image is not found in the screenshot! UI Vision was not able to search for the image, because the file is missing. If the image on the screenshot would not be found, then the error would be
    Image 'trang_dpi_96.png' (conf. = 0.6) not found

So we have two different kinds of “…not found” :wink:


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