XClick doesn't work under VPS environment

Hi, my scrip using Xclick and Xtype is working under my desktop. but it is not working under windows VPS environment. I used remote desktop to connect the VPS and tried the same script again.

I found UI.VISION is able to recognize the right position and move the mouse there. But there is no real CLICK.

Please let me know whether you have encountered same issue. Is it something related to VPS setup ?


i have done another test and try the keyboard response using https://keyboardchecker.com on my VPS. and find the XTYPE sending from UI.VISION shows grey, rather GREEN. It looks like we only push the button, but didn’t release the button.

finally, i think i might find the root cause. the issue only happened when i using firefox browser to trigger the script, with remote desktop connection. after changing to using chrome, it works.