XClick does not find image after a while

Hey guys, I ran across an interesting issue. I made a script which uses XClicks to push some buttons. My script worked all day even after restarting the PC. Now I am trying to run the same script after several days and the Xclicks are not working anymore , the images are not found. I have to take a new image in order to work again. Any idea what could cause this? I appreciate any help , thank you!

Hi, is this about web or desktop automation?

And what happens? Image not found or image is found, but the click itself does not work?

Hi, this is web automation. I am trying to click something using the XClick commmand e.g a button on a game, but for some reason I get an error " xxx_dpi_xx.png Image was not found". It executes the command and tries to look on the page but throws this error. If I remove the old image and I replace them with new ones which have the exact same content, it then works!

This could be a small difference in the rendering. Have you tried lowering the confidence level a bit? The default is 0.8. You can enter change the default for all images in settings (Vision tab) or change it per image with image@conf.Level:

Example: Change xxx_dpi_xx.png to xxx_dpi_xx.png@0.6 (for a new level of 0.6). Values between 0.5 and 0.7 often work well for me.

Hi Markus,

Seems like your solution worked. Thank you