Xclick Demo and Demo XDesktopAutomation Not working

I am trying to use Xclick for desktop automation. After the Xclick failed in my script, I tried to figure out why it was not working. Upon searching on the forum, I tried to check if my Xclick demo or XdesktopAutomation macros were working. However, they do not work and on the DemoXDesktopAutomation, I get an error ’ Image ‘desktop_logstab_grey_dpi_96.png’ (conf. = 0.5) not found’. I tried lowering the conf to 0.3 but that makes it click at the wrong place. I have the latest version of ui vision and also have installed the required xmodules. Any ideas on how to fix the issue? Thanks

Hi, is this on Mac, Linux or Windows? Can you please post a screencast screen video of Demo-XClick running? Then I can maybe see what is going wrong.

Hello @admin This is on windows. I am sorry I could not get a proper screen cast tool to use so used powerpoint recorder.