XClick clicking to left of png

G’day all
I’m unsure whether this is a bug, or more than likely a problem with my setup, or me?
| XClick | 1TEST_dpi_96.png | #right |
XClick finds the png, puts a red rectangle around it, with 1.00#1 on the top left corner.
The screen then turns green for a second, then the mouse clicks on the left of the screen, on either monitor.
This occurs with firefox and chrome, and on any website.

My system’s running windows 7, and has dual monitors (may be the problem?).
Me, I’m a truck driver, with enough computer knowledge to create problems I can’t always fix.

Thanks for your time.

and has dual monitors (may be the problem?)

Yeah, I think so. Can you try with one monitor to see if it works then?

Thanks for the reply
Still no luck, I disabled both monitors individually, the cursor did get to about 10 lines below the button.

the cursor did get to about 10 lines below the button.

This sounds like an issue that is fixed in the new beta.

Just tried the Beta, and it still has the same issue. DemoXClick also doesn’t work.

| XClick | 1test_dpi_96.png | #right |

DemoXClick also doesn’t work.

Oh. In this case, can you please record a screencast of DemoXClick running?

I got it to work on a single monitor using Microsoft tools instead of NVIDIA.
It took me a while to work out how to capture the screen, and hope this is what you want.

I’ve got XClicks working, I had to make monitor 1 the main display. Don’t know why I didn’t try that earlier.
I’m happy now, time to play.