Xclick/click error

Hey there,

  "Command": "click",
  "Target": "//*[@id=\"Form1\"]/table[2]/tbody[2]/tr/td[2]/a",
  "Value": ""

I have issue with this command. When executed, new frame DOES load, but kantu goes on timeout and pops error.
xClick is not solution, it only blinks green and does nothing.
Erroringore is not option.

Can you share the website URL?

Is this on Mac, Win or Linux? And is it a HiDpi display? (Does Demo-Xclick work ok?)

Win,not hidpi, xclick demo does work
its private cms so…

Seems like kantu is waiting for javascript or something, but new frame load inside of same frame and that tricks him. btw its .asp site

Why is Errorignore not an option?

When i execute command, it takes 3-5 second for click, then frame loads, 2-3 seconds nothing and then command goes to timeout

well i will try to storeatribute and open link in new tab

Hmm, tricky to say what is going on without a screenshot or website URL.

But have you tried XClick with image? That should work well, as it does not even “touch” the website, it works only visually.

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