XClick awful detection accuracy

Hi. I’m trying to use XClick to click “Sign” button. But I can’t due to low accuracy.

I tried different Vision Search Confidence. Below are results



I also tried to expand the click area, but it’s still doesn’t work

I tried to search not buttons but any icons. With no results.

I tried to use selectWindow | title=MetaMask Notification
but got the error ipcPromise: onAsk

My guess is that maybe some computer vision library is broken on my machine. Because I have similar problems using opencv for any recognition. So maybe I can reinstall something? what library are you using inside xmodules?
My XModules status: Personal Edition active .
I’m on Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

I tried to change the input image from


and got this result

Something goes wrong here. Can you please post the _last_desktop_screenshot.png files here? You find it in the “Screenshots” tab. Plus also post the original “Sign” input images. Then we can test run the image search here locally.

Explanation: Technically what happens is that the XModules take a screenshot (=> _last_desktop_screenshot.png) and then run the image search on this file.

The last screenshot is

I posted “Sign” input images in the comment above.

Were you able to check? What external libraries I can check to make sure everything is working fine?

We do not use any external libraries. When I tested it here, it worked.

Some suggestions:

  • Did a reboot help?

  • If not: Have you tried on another system, or maybe with another monitor connected?

  • If that fails: Maybe as a workaround, can you run the automation in a virtual machine with Linux (e. g. Oracle VBox).

  • Reboot didn’t help.
  • I don’t have another monitor.
  • Of course, it works in the VirtualBox Ubuntu20.04.
    I need to fix it in my current environment. I don’t want to reinstall ubuntu because of this issue.
    Any ideas?

Maybe you know why I can’t connect this notification window using selectWindow ?
I get ipcPromise: onAsk error while trying to do it.

Any updates on this?