XCLICK and XTYPE or clickAt and XTYPE not working properly

I am at the last step where I will automate renaming of the default folder name in dropbox from blmarketing to SCHOOL_NAME + DATE when sent from woocommerce (pdf invoice to dropbox function)

but the issue is that dropbox uses a canvas element that needs focus to rename. So there is an option to use XCLICK AND XTYPE which will click on canvas element and rename it dynamically, which was what I used yesterday, however, this morning its not working anymore…

I then experimented with clickAt and XTYPE but it worked only once and now it not working…

clickAt | xpath=//tbody/tr[1]/td[2]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1] | 10,20
XType | {prischoolname} + {test}

Xclick | xpath=//tbody/tr[1]/td[2]/div[2]/div[1]/div[1]
Xtype | {prischoolname} + {test}

Thanks for helping

Absolute & relative XPath is fragile. Even one change in the path to the element and it will fail. Try to find a more stable selector such as name, ID, button, text, etc. Even XClick | x,y sometimes can be more stable if the page is not likely to visually change.

User9898, thanks for replying.

I tried x,y and Xtype is still not working. Xclick is able to click though.

Upon testing keyboard input on external website, nothing shows up when i try to run Xtype

Some things to try…

Make sure you have focus by adding bringBrowserToForeground to your macro

Try clicking manually with your mouse and then typing with the keyboard. That will tell if the issue is with the website or with your macro.

Try other xpath, there are a large amount of xpath for every elment

Usually i sove the problem with axes xpath (not recorder from ui vision or katalon recorder).

These special xpath can detect element relative to others elements