Written encodage csv

Im using Kantu for writing into csv, the problem that I encounter a problem, special characters aren’t well written. How can I avoid to face this problem Ivre tried modifying my csv file encodage It doesn’t fix it. At this point Ive no idea of what I could try.
How can I make it work ?


I have this problem too with kantu, you must open with notepad or similar software the csv and save in in UTF-8, save it and continue to use Kantu to extract data and save.

kantu default creaet csv in ANSI format and can not save special caracthers-

Hi, thanks for the answer, I wanted to avoid it because im creating files, but will go for it as it seems that there is no solution for it.

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The way to solve is an option to set Kantu to create csv in UTF-8 format but this command actually do not exist

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let’s hope that it will be added in the future then