Working with several edge users

Hi, I am new to UI Vision, no coding experience. I have created a couple of basic macros (open website, several menu selections). I work with three edge profiles. How can I add the edge profile selection to my macro ? Eg: my macro “A” should only run with Edge profile 2. Many thanks

This is not directly possible, but maybe there is a workaround.

Question: Why do you need to use 3 profiles? And why should a certain macro run only in profile 2?

Thanks Plankton. I am a consultant of a cloud app. I have three accounts for the same application. 1. My client user account 2. Test test account 3. My own company user account. Each account is one of my profiles.

When I create a new user in the app, this process should only run with my account 1.

Today, my macro only works if when I run it I am in the right profile (profile 1). Ideally I would like to run the macro regardless of the profile where I am at the time of running the macro.

Many thanks for any comment or idea.