Wont open a url if the current page is "Problem Loading Page"

I’m trying to open urls from csv using a loop but when the current page is unable to connect(“Problem loading page”) the macro won’t open the next url. I’m using Firefox

It seems this is this known issue: [Issue #551] Kantu stuck when connection lost or a site do not load - #2 by admin

=> It will be fixed with the next update.

Thanks! When is the estimated time of the release for the next update?

Soon :wink: => ETA is end of May.

Hi, the recent update did not fixed this problem

Which version did you use? Our May update is not released yet.

But you can test with the latest Kantu Beta version, it has the fix already. If you still see problems with this version, please let me know.

Thanks I’m going to try the beta version. I’m using 4.2.7

I just updated to the latest version of kantu and the problem still persist. I think you need to add sandbox for “open” command. For alternative solution I just use executeScript_sandbox || window.open()

This is a good idea!

But the issue itself should be fixed, too. Now when the page does not exist, Kantu will wait !timeout_wait seconds (default = 60s) for the page to load, and then show error message.