Wildcards in sendKeys


I’m trying to use UI Vision to automatically login to our Icinga2 Kiosk after startup of our raspberry pi.
This plugin would do great, but the website has one ‘flaw’: the ID of the username, password form and login button change every time the page reloads.
They look like this:
form_login_username-uhtczmxngvps and this last part changes everytime.
Is there a possibility to put a wildcard in place? If so, could I get an example too?

Thank you all in advance
Kind regards

Sendkeys is not a good command and in ui vision work few times, use xclick with xpath contains and you can use partial attribute

xpath=//a[@class=‘topic-link’][contains(.,‘Wildcards in’)]

In addition to what @newuserkantu said: You find more details and examples here: https://ui.vision/rpa/docs/selenium-ide/click#changingid

The above link goes to the CLICK command page, but it works the same with the locators for TYPE and SENDKEY.