Why my desktop macro not working at the 2nd time

Hi there,

I created a desktop macro, it works without problem. The steps are to grab some pictures on the screen and perform clicks, it is always working on the same day, but when I open it on the day after, it will not work. The macro can’t find the same picture on the screen, i didn’t change anything, and this problem can always be reproduced. On the other day, i need to re-select the same picture again manually then it works. Please help me on this? Thanks.

Can you upload the _last_desktop_screenshot.png image and your search image? Then we can test why the image search fails.

Thanks for follow up. The issue happens with all screenshots/pitures, the problem is it was working in the first day no matter how many times i try, but it fails the day after, i guess there’s some storage problem or sth else that blocking the working pattern on the other day>?

On the other day, i need to re-select the same picture on the screen, then the macro works. If i use the working macro I saved yesterday, it just fails … so i think it’s not a searching problem , more like a memory/storage problem ?

I solved the problem, i didn’t hit Save after made the change , so it always works during the session but the day after it fails. The resolution is to hit SAVE !

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