Why it is so buggy? (Discussion topic)

Since few days I’m fighting with automatization of multipage form filling. Again and again I encounter new bugs, and I have to fight with workarounds. Let’s start with simple, drop down list. I’m unable select field by name, as it is dynamic (not always the same text), so I thought I will do it with click + tab. Simple? Well maybe too easy because under Firefox it does not work. Click do not extend the list, and XClick is shifted, hit wrong place. But ok, I set fixed location by coordinates, and now it works.

Now something more complicated - I have to attach several files. Under Firefox it is no way - dozens of XClick, and I don’t want to pay for premium on my first, test project until I will decide if it is worth or not. Ok so maybe try under Chrome? Well good luck, uploading files with type | id=fileInput works only on selected sites, on others ends with ipcPromise: onAsk timeout. Why? No one knows.

But ok, at least I can limit number of XClick, as in Chrome ${KEY_ENTER} in input window works well (in Firefox it is bugged), so I can run all in one long XType, instead of using next XClick. Well yes, but actually no. The click under while command only works in every other iteration of the loop, so it upload only half of files. I could use XClick but it obliviously hit wrong area, like in Firefox (and it is a pointless as the target was to limit the number of XClick).

Cherry on top - I had to use waitForElementVisible instead of clickAndWait as the page do not reload fully, just one frame, so it is not recognized as load event.

Now the conclusion - what is wrong? I’m doing something incorrect or this add-on has plenty of bugs? At this stage I am considering deleting everything and accepting I wasted dozen or so hours.

Hi, critical feedback is very welcome here. But can you post an example link to one of the websites that you want to automate?

Without test cases it is difficult to give hints and/or fix the issues (if any).

I wish I could, but the site is not publicly available, thus even If i post link here, you will unable to reproduce my task. By tracking my post history, you can see parts of bugs I was trying to show as MWE. If you need specific details, pleas name it, and I will try to provide.

Just to clarify: All this was working fine in V6.2.8?

I was testing with Firefox v100 + UI.Vision v6.2.6, as well as Chrome v101 + UI.Vision v7.0.11. In both cases, I was trying both single - and double-monitor configuration, but this seems not to have significant impact on mentioned bugs.

@Karls Ok, this means the bugs are not related to the manifest 3 transition.

Of course we would love to fix those issues ASAP - but for this we need some test cases. So if you run across a public website that reveals one of these issues please notify us.