Why is VisualSearch Detecting this as the image?

So at the image at the bottom you can clearly see that the image its suppose to look for is a Red heart but this check mark that is green gets marked as the heart and causes that line to pick it up but its false how can i fix this? is there a better way to detect whether a photo has a heart on it already?

  "Command": "visualSearch",
  "Target": "vjaz1z_dpi_192.png",
  "Value": "found",
  "Description": ""

full source - https://pastebin.com/raw/fmeNAwyT

incase you’re wondering what this is for it takes a list of urls and checks whether it has a heart on it and skips it and pulls another one and if it doesnt then it waits 9 seconds and likes and repeats.

incase image doesnt load here it is https://i.gyazo.com/fb8aac24e5be735c4de4f3e1ea32c7fa.png

dont tell me its because my timeout is 0 and needs a little bit more to report back a accurate search? lol

There is no red heart on the website, so UI Vision finds the “next best” match that is above the confidence level. I can see that the confidence level of this match is 0.60. This is just the default limit.

Solution: You can either change the default value to e. g. 0.8 or add @0.8 at the end of the image name.

See also visualSearch error count