Whole page blink green when conducting the XType Command(XClick, XClickRelative etc) in each loop

Hi Team,

as attached,
when running the XType Command(XClick, XClickRelative) in each loop, the whole browser window will blink green, why is that(it feels like it need to visually check the whole page to locate the elements, in my opinion), even if so, can it work backgrounded, just don’t blick green, because it cause abnormality or uncertainty to see there, can it be omitted?


Change vision type to Desktop Automation in Kantu setting

The green image is shown to calibrate the in-browser computer vision logic. That is also the reason why it does not appear in desktop automation mode.

It can not run in the background. Even it could work in the background, for the XClick command to work in the browser, the browser has to be in the front.

Tip: The calibration is only done once per macro run, usually at the first XClick or XMove. If you use a while loop, or Goto Label loop inside the macro instead of starting the macro with the loop button, the green image is shown only once at the macro start.