Where to start with browser automation


I’m sorry for asking this noob question, but I’m really lost with this and I don’t know where to ask. I want to learn browser automation so I could automate some repetitive aspects of my job, like copying data from email to sheets.
As far as I understand kanut uses selenium so I decided to get selenium book to learn it, but I spent more than 2 hours trying to get all set up and now I’m wondering is that the right resource for me.

Could you please help and point me to the right direction? Where should I go to start learning browser automation.
I’m not total noob for programing, I was learning c++, java and matlab so I know basic programing concepts.
Please help.

Kantu does not use or need selenium. Kantu is a different open-source project. But the basic web automation commands of Kantu are designed to look and work exactly the same as in the Selenium IDE. So once you have learned Kantu commands, you also know all selenium ide commands :slight_smile:

In addition, Kantu has visual commands that are driven by image recognition and text recognition (OCR). They come from the field of robotic process automation (RPA).

Now, with what should you start? => It depends on what exactly do want you automate.

like copying data from email to sheets.

This sounds like you want to automate some complex web apps like Gmail, google docs, google sheets, zoho, office 365… or similar? => I would start with the modern RPA commands Xclick (image) and Xclick (ocr= text) - this makes the automation much easier.

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Hi Milan,
I started with Kantu one week ago. I have no programming experience and as far as I can tell, just try, fail and try again.
The best way to get help is to describe what you want do.
Just start with the demos, it takes a little time and effort. If the demos don’t help anymore describe your problem in the forum.
You can do it.


Yep, I need to automate coping data from zoho mail to google sheets. Thanks for the explanation, I didn’t understand how do you do this. I’ll start with links that you sent me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support. I will start with demos and docs.