Where is the Kantu Macro URL?

I’m using Lingon X to autorun a Kantu macro saved on my computer. When Lingon goes to run the Macro, Kantu shows a dialog box asking whether I want to run the Macro and says that I can add “?direct=” to the end of the URL to bypass that dialog box.

For example, I’ve tried using:


and then adding the “?direct=” switch at end but it is not working. Any suggestions?

Please pay attention ?direct=1

I did add “?direct=1”

To clarify.
You run file:///Users/wolfgangshields/Downloads/minicampus1.html?direct=1 and it doesn’t work?

If you did add ?direct=1 and still see the dialog, please try our new beta version at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/kantu-browser-automation/dpdlhdbnlaefobeejcgfidghdllhemkl - it contains several command line improvements (detailed docs to follow soon).

If you continue to see the dialog with ?direct=1 added and the new beta, please let us know.

I think the issue here is that I’ve saved the macro as HTML with autorun and as I re-import the file to run, I get the dialog box asking whether I want to run the macro. So, when I import the macro, it creates a URL that needs the switch. How do I get the switch added to the URL for the macro?