Where does Xclick click image area without relative?

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I’ve encountered an issue with the xclick function; it seems to be clicking the upper center of the image rather than the absolute center as expected. I’ve tried specifying the lower half of the image, which works, but it’s not an ideal solution. Could anyone assist me in resolving this so that xclick targets the center accurately?

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I’ve reported the very same problem nearly a year ago, but still haven’t got solution. The problem is actual in Chrome. Forestalling questions - page scale is 100% and I use xclick on xpath locator (checkbox). So I’m looking forward for the solution too. Best.

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It should click in the center of the image.

To troubleshoot this, @takara can you post a screenshots of

  • image area to search (I guess that would be a screenshot of the browser viewport) => you find this image as _last_screenshot in the IDE “Screenshot” tab!

  • your xclick input image