Where does Ui.Vision store the macros?

I’m running UI.Vision in Chrome. What’s the default directory where the macros are saved? I’m on Windows 10.


The answer is “it depends”. UI.Vision has two storage options.

(A) Without XModules installed there is only one option:

Chrome extensions in general can not write to a file directly (except as download), and they can not read from the hard drive (except with the file upload feature). This is a Chrome and Firefox security feature.

=> By default UI.Vision stores its macros and all other settings in the so called Local Storage of the web browser. That also means that if you uninstall the extension, the macros are gone. Therefore, make sure you use the automatic macro backup feature.

(B) With XModules installed there are two options:

(1) If you install the XModules native helper app, the default location is still the Local Storage of the web browser (as above).

(2) But UI.Vision can then also store the macro files directly on the hard-drive. We call this hard-drive storage mode. You can switch between storage modes in the drop-down at the bottom of the tree view:

In hard-drive storage mode everything (macros, images, CSV files,…) is stored on the hard-drive.

We recommend to use hard-drive storage! It is safer and more convenient. It also allows you to integrate your macros with source control tools such as Github.

For both options: Everything is 100% stored locally on your machine. No macro ever leaves your machine, there is no cloud storage.