When using XClick and OCR, the element overlays stay on my screen after the macro is finished

Hi guys!

I love this extension, it’s extremely useful for automating repetitive tasks.

I noticed that when I use XClick and I use the OCR Vision, it works flawlessly but the image overlay stays on my screen.

Please see the screenshot below. Is there a setting I need to fix or is this a bug?



Hi! You are correct. The overlay from the last used XClick command remains on the website. The idea behind this is that it helps the users to visually see that the macro found the correct place.

If this disturbs you, here are some workarounds:

  • do a page refresh (manually or with the REFRESH command) to remove the overlay
  • or run another final XCLICK or VisualAssert command that finds an image more on the side or the bottom of the web page, so the overlay does not disturb you.
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