When !errorignore is true, can errors be in light red

When we have set !errorignore to true so we can handle any errors in code, can errors be displayed in, say, light red? That way we can tell users not to worry about errors in light red but to tell us about errors in the normal red.

Thanks for considering this :slight_smile:

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We already display errors in orange (= warnings color) if !errorignore = true. See here:

In addition, if the LOG mode is set to ECHO, ignored warnings are not shown at all.

I feel so daft for not being more precise… I didn’t mean in the log window, I meant in the top half, duh!

Sorry 'bout that :slight_smile:

Ah, I understand now. But in the top window, the macro would stop if it is a real error that is not set to be ignored.

So if you tell your users not to worry about red lines if there is a green line afterwards, would that work?

Hmmm… no, not really. It’s because, when it’s in a loop, the following line might be green from the previous pass through the loop.
Explaining this would start to make things complicated for the user and, as we all know, the simpler things are for the user, the better :wink:

Ok, that makes good sense to me. I added it to our todo list.


This feature is available in V5.9.3 now - warnings have now an orange background instead of red. Thanks for the useful suggestion!

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