When does OPEN from csv file command fail?

I am running the script on VPS and some times it get’s stuck on the OPEN ${!COL1} command which should take a line from csv file and open it in the browser. It gives me time out error and gets stuck there after every loop until I restart chrome and kantu.

On my hope PCs it never happens so it has to do something with the VPS.

Can it be because the limits or read/write or smth is reached on VPS, something to do with the disk or is it processor/RAM related?


What is the value of ${!COL1} ?

The value is a full url path the browser needs to navigate to.

Post comple macro code, i open url from csv without problem

I think you not load the csv un macro code and you use in wrong way ${!COL1}

No, the code works perfectly fine. I have ran it over 100 000 times. It fails when the computer is low on resources (VPS is really slow - when the exact same VPS is faster the code works). So it must be either CPU related or hard drive related.

I know the bug when open fails because internet is slow, there is not solution.

It’s the same bug when using a proxy

Ui vision require a good internet connection to working

Usually ui vision try to retry the last command to solve the problem and show message in log

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