What's the problem with the Engine 2 status today? (free OCR API)

They keep going up and down making it very difficult to use any of them.

All of the end points seem to be having random issues being responsive. Can someone please help look into this?

There is a high load on many servers today, but all PRO endpoints are up:

For the issue with the free OCR API engine2 please see OCR Engine 2 Broken?

The free endpoint is up and running fine again :slight_smile:

But as a reminder, we can not give any uptime guarantee for the free OCR API. If you use the OCR API for something important, please use a PRO plan.

today aslo ocr free page goes down can we check this please. its down and up again and again

I am using the pro plan and the pro end points have been up and down all week. When will you get these endpoints stable?

@Pullmyfinger Sorry for this issue. We added many new servers and all should be stable now. But if you still see any issue, please let us know.

Free OCR API: We deployed another fix for the Engine2 problem today. That should finally resolve it.

It has been over a week since the free api was even remotely stable. None of our requests went through today, they all timed out.

If the service isn’t stable by the end of the week we will switch to a different ocr service provider.

We have been putting up with it for too long already.