What is the recommended way to restart a test after a failure when reading data from a .csv file


When a failure occurs in the test is loses all of the variables read in from the .csv file. The test is designed to loop through multiple scenarios so I don’t want to start from the beginning to do the previously passes scenarios but I cannot restart from the point of failure because the data read in for that scenario is not longer available to the test. Suggestions?


A few suggestions from me:

  1. After reading the data from CSV, store it in global variables. These keep their value even after the macro is stopped, until the UI Vision app is closed. This seems like the easiest solution.

  2. Or: Move the CSV reading to its own subroutine (“sub-macro”), and then call it from every macro with RUN (sub-macro).

  3. Or: Use the command line o read the data from the CSV. Then use the cmd_var1=hello%21world switch to send the data to the extension.


I went with option 1 and it seems to be working as I hoped. Thanks.