What is the point of visualAssert?

It only works on the main page not on a popup window? How am I supposed to click buttons on a popup window? Have tried this in Firefox and Chrome same result. When I click or select then go to choose a button in the popup window I get the cross hair but when I hold down lmb to select nothing happens no selection box no selection graphic. This makes Kantu severely limited.

Can you add a screenshot of the situation where it does not work?

Also, have you tried switching to desktop automation mode?

The same problem with me. If I add a screenshot of the situation, the problem may be solved.

here is a screenshot of the popup window trying to select the button

Interesting. It seems the popup is outside of the browser viewport area => switch to desktop view as @Plankton suggested. Try this:

  • XDesktopAutomation | true
  • XClick | image of "update" button


  • XDesktopAutomation | true
  • XClick | ocr="Update"
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vision is set to desk top view. Still cannot select on the pop up window. Does VisualAssert work in desktop mode?

Does VisualAssert work in desktop mode?

Yes. As a test: Select the command, then press the “Find” button. Does it find the image? (Note: For this to work, you need to select “Desktop scope” on the “Vision tab” in the settings.)

If that does not help: Please add a screencast of what is going on.

It does not find the image. as a matter of fact visualassert now does not work at all. I can select an area on the webpage but visual assert does not find it when the macro is run. Why Do I have to spend more time trying to get these macros to work than I do using them. I had a macro that worked fine but now after updates it does not work at all. very frustrating. I am wondering if this is worth the frustration!!!