What is the difference between Target and Value?

From a user via email: I am trying to implement the concept of RPA in my new job. I believe that there is a good potential for using UI.Vision in several companies in the same branch as mine. However, I need to show a real application running to convince my company to invest.
I started studying the UI.Vision software, but I found the documentation a bit confusing. For a new user who has never used Selenium and others, UI.Vision should be presented as a single solution (IMO).

That is why I ask for your help.
Below I list some basic questions that are delaying my learning:

  1. Target and Value: Analyzing the JSON code of a macro, it seemed to me that Value is not the value as one would think, but the variable name. What is the difference between Target and Value?

  2. When using the XClick command, in the “Browser Automation” option, the Select and Find buttons behave differently than in the “Desktop automation” option as shown in the tutorial video (https://youtu.be/wH0MLIUdD-Q) , the screen below is not shown in “Browser Automation” mode:


  1. Is it possible to run UI,Vision on a network without Internet access?
  • Target and Value => These column names are outdated for most commands. Ui.Vision RPA started out as modern Selenium IDE, and Selenium uses these names. But even there they no longer make sense for many commands. => Ignore the names, just think of it as two parameters for the command.

  • Select and Find: Good observation. For web commands like Type and Click that work inside the browser, the “Select” button works like an XPath builder tool. And the “Find” button tests the selector. For visual commands, the Selectbutton takes a screenshot so you can create the input images for XClick image search. And the Find buttons runs the image search.

  • Run without internet access: Yes! UI.Vision RPA works 100% offline. The only exception to the “all data is processed locally” rule is the OCR screen scraping feature and that is why it is disabled by default. Only when you explicitly enable it on the OCR tab - and use an OCR command - does it send images of text to the OCR.space cloud service for text recognition. A 100% local OCR option is available as part of our UI.Vision RPA Enterprise plans.

Known issue: V3.5.17 the XClick (Visual) Find button has a bug in desktop automation mode: It does not display the screenshot. This happens “only” in hard drive storage mode. Solution: Use the HTML5 storage mode until the issue is fixed with the next update.