What is "Targets" - Need XPATH not ID=

The “Select” button doesn’t let you decide on the target you want to use when there are multiple (it probably should (at least have a choose alternative target button), the page I’m using uses random html ID’s (like “id=edite5”).

There is no way in the UI to do anything about this but it looks like I can in the json source view as I can see the “Targets” parameter (which is undocumented at “https://ui.vision/rpa/docs/selenium-ide/sendkeys-type”.

  "Command": "type",
  "Target": "name=searchSwitch:birthContainer:birthIdSearchSwitch:birthNameSearchContainer:subjectName:familyName:edit",
  "Value": "${cl1}",
  "Targets": [
  "Description": "BIRTH SEARCH: Surname"

Is this just a comment or is it used by the command (and failing due to a bug) or is it more of a comment? If so why isn’t that made explicit?

In any case I chose the first target that didn’t include the random id and that works. All of this should be documented.

I can see now that “Targets” get stripped off on save? Apart from my suggestions above, it would be smarter if they remained in place, if it failed to find the object at runtime, it could work through the list and suggest another if not automatically recover from the issue and update the json file (at least optionally).