What is executeAsyncScript good for?

I found a way where executeAsyncScript helping me in a Selenium Project.

I am adding an eventlistener to driver and I am alerting the (title/class/id) available attributes of the clicked element by the user.

This happens for me only when I am using executeAsyncScript. If I do it with executeScript the driver won’t wait until the alert occurs.

Interesting info, thanks.

Is this a first real-life use case for executeAsyncScript?. Because I am super excited to get UI.Vision RPA Pro license there by any luck.

Thanks again for posting it, but your example is for Selenium Web Driver not with the Selenium IDE :wink:

As we wrote on executeAsyncScript:
…While asynchronous code in Javascript in general has plenty good uses, we have yet to find any good use case within any Selenium IDE. The executeScript command is an essential Selenium IDE command. But the async version adds no additional benefits in our opinion. If you use execute Async Script in a Selenium IDE project, please let us know how you use it. Maybe we overlook something here. (We offer a free UI.Vision RPA PRO license for the first real life use case report).