What does the error [error] XClick: invalid target, 'Spanish_relative_(1).PNG' mean?

Running into an issue I have not had before… I am getting this error when I try to use Xclick or Xclick relative:

XClick: invalid target, ‘Spanish.PNG’

My image is there, what is the error telling me in general?

I do not understand, I use the image for a visualassert and I do not get an error but in the next command I try to xclick the same image and it throws this error.

Strange. Do you get this error always or “only” sometimes? And only with this image?

100% reproducible. It is only with this image, there is a larger screenshot below.

  • It is part of a video that pops up for the user.
  • I am able to use xClick to click “English” which then drops down with the Two language options.
  • I am able to visualAssert the image for the “Spanish” option and it passes
  • I get the failure on the xClick of the identical image used moments before in the visualAssert

Any direction? Thank you!

Paste url of the page to find a better solution.

I never use image recognition because it’s easy can fail when window change dimension or when a site is responsive and move element in the page.

Usually i combine keyboard emulation to solve hard cases.

Paste url and i see, thanks

Ok, my solution was to drop the fancy image recognition and use an xpath locator… Thanks for the help!