What do you use UI.Vision Kantu for?

Because of one thing: I need to put the products in the store in batches (mechanical labor).
I discovered UI.Vision Kantu in Google and I learned it.

for interest, I would like to hear from UI.Vision Kantu users what do you use it for? Perhaps it will give me a inspiration onto what I could use it for as well… :smiley:


I use Kantu to collect map locations from our system and get most of the way through uploading the files to google maps to update our map. (I mean if I used a single monitor I could fully upload the map locations)

I also work with PowerShell to perform our refunds by creating a script that saves a CSV into the Kantu local folder with some self-entered values and variables then Kantu goes to 4 different pages and gets some information and appends it to variables and enters some information to some other pages (namely WP tables).

I also have a couple of smaller scripts that just collects smaller bits of information or dose some smaller things.

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