Website Bug: Reversed Logic for CAPSLOCK ON and CAPS LOCK OFF

When logging into, at login, there is a message “CAPSLOCK ON.” My capslock is off. I press capslock turning my capslock on. Then the message shows “CAPSLOCK OFF.”

I suspect there is a minor but easy to fix logick error in the Javascript. It should say “CAPSLOCK ON” when capslock is actually on. Then when the user turns capslock off, THEN the message should change to “CAPSLOCK OFF.”

I can not recreate this. I never get a capslock warning. A screenshot would be nice.

Good that you asked for a screenshot. That caused me to look at the problem again.

My conclusion is that there is nothing for you to fix.

I can reproduce the problem, though. I login using Roboform. But if I type or paste my email and password, then I don’t see the problem.

The reason you have nothing to fix is that Roboform has to fit to the website login. The website does not have to fit to Roboform.

If someone else reports this kind of problem, you could check whether they are using a password manager to login and whether the problem happens when they type or paste their email and password.

Digressing and rambling:
I think that websites should not take measures to prevent password managers from working. For example, they should not attempt to disable paste. Secure passwords are hard to type and hard to remember because they are long and at least a little gibberish-y.

Of course I have seen that UI Vision RPA command XType overcomes websites attempts to thwart automation by simulating real typing.

Back on topic:
Thank you for being so quick and interested. But now I see there is nothing for you to fix.