Warning suspicious application

I want to strongly warn you all people that you use a software which is suspicious and violate the rules of open source community.
According the rules of company on Github “source is not uploaded here but you can request the code on email”.
So me and many others of my friends we requested the source from company many times but we never receive an answer ! So the company hiding the code and violate the rules of open source community.
This makes me think that code of software is suspicious and company dont want to analyze the source for criminal reasons.
I suggest everyone who wants to protect their personal data and their personal property and copyright, to be very careful when writing javascript code using this application because their copyright is under danger of theft.

Hi, about what software are you talking?

I take this question as a chance to explain our security and privacy policy:

The source code for all our open-source projects is available on Github at https://github.com/A9T9

In addition to making all our browser extensions open-source under the GPL license, we have a very strict privacy policy: https://ui.vision/privacypolicy

If you have any specific concerns or questions, please let me know.

Besides, as a general piece of information: All browser extensions are written in Javascript and thus they are all open-source (in the technical sense) by nature. You can set break points and debug any extension right in your browser.

This is for example our UI.Vision RPA software, installed from the Chrome store and debugged and inspected directly in the web browser. No Github repo or anything is required for that to work. Anyone can do it in any browser.

If you google “How to view the source code of a chrome extension” you will find many detailed tutorials on how to view the source code of any browser extension. It is a useful skill to have. It works the same for every extension, and can also be done in Firefox and Edge.

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Thank you for the reply.I didnt know that using Chrome can debug extensions .I just saw this message “The very latest source code snapshot can always be requested directly from the development team. Please contact us at team AT ui.vision.” on this page https://github.com/A9T9/Kantu this is why i sent email to receive the source.
But your way with Chrome is much better . Thanks !