Wait for the logo to disappear

There is a web page where I need to fill in multiple records. I can only enter one at a time. After each input is completed, a loading icon will appear (loading time is not fixed). I need to wait for this loading icon to disappear after I To continue typing. How should I write this waiting command?

There are a few ways to get this done such as looping to watch for that icon, other indicators on the page, your input box back, etc. A url would be helpful.

When the loading icon appears, the entire page cannot be clicked. You must wait until the loading icon disappears before you can continue to input.
I’m not sure which function to use, can you tell me please.

Use this. VisualAssert waits for the logo is loaded:

  • store | 120 | !timeout_wait <= wait up to 2 minutes (120s) for the image (logo!) to appear
  • visualAssert | image_of_logo.png

Ah, now I see that you want to wait for the logo to disappear. In this case use this code: If {picture} then {do this} <= this code loops until an image appears. But you can change it to wait for the image to disappear by simply changing one line:

  • repeatIf | ${found} == 0

Change to:

  • repeatIf | ${found} > 0 <- Now it only breaks the loop if no image is found.