Wait for new row on Google Sheet?

Hi there! I’ve searched the forum & internet, and can’t find a solution. In my attempts to integrate UIV with Zapier, I am populating a google sheet, and I’d like the script to run upon a new Google Sheet row, scrape some data off of it to variables, and perform a task with it.

Alternatively, can I run a script when a new email was received in a certain inbox, while using data from that email?

Any leads?


Yes the solution is NOT use Google Sheet but use csv integrate in ui vision.

To automate Google Sheet you lost more and more times to have a bad work,convert Google Sheet import it in ui vision and you work well.

There are other similar question like this in the forum.

@newuserkantu I appreciate your reply. However the google sheet is constantly updating, and I need to work on new rows… can this google sheet -> csv be automated somehow? How about acting upon a new email arriving at a box?

I did search the forum, I couldn’t find a similar use case.

Google Sheet is NOT web automation is not a regular web page (easy to automate) and require focus on screen always (no multi browser automation and mouse will be affected from desktop automation).

Google Sheet require desktop automation and emulation of keyboard, very slow and hard to automate.

In this forum every user try to automate Google Sheet now use csv because it’s too hard use Google Sheet with desktop automation.

If you have more and more times you can try but it’s a very hard work.

You can try with powershell or other external software to have a csv updated from Google Sheet to integrate in ui vision.

For desktop automation read here