VisualVerify for two different Browser Notification windows

Hi all,
i joined lately with excitement for kantu and the community but now i’m even more boosted with such a fast and up to the point replies

So even i do my “homework” i want to rent few of your brain cells for the next question

I want to visualverify two different notification that would lead to two different kinds of actions

I switch to Desktop visual search but the notification come and go in about 10 sec or less

So i applied the following code but i would like to have your suggestion - ideas for improvement because if for example there is a cpu overload that specific time, i don’t know if kantu catch the notification or disappear. I set timeout_wait to 3 seconds, i’m not sure if these are enough for kantu

{“Command”: “label”,“Target”: “START”,“Value”: “”},

{“Command”: “store”,“Target”: “fast”,“Value”: “!replayspeed”},

{“Command”: “bringBrowserToForeground”,“Target”: “”,“Value”: “”},

{“Command”: “store”,“Target”: “3”,“Value”: “!TIMEOUT_WAIT”},

{“Command”: “store”,“Target”: “true”,“Value”: “!WaitForVisible”},

{“Command”: “visualAssert”,“Target”: “A-notification.png”,“Value”: “”},

{“Command”: “if_v2”,“Target”: “${!LastCommandOK}”,“Value”: “”},

{“Command”: “gotoLabel”,“Target”: “A-Received”,“Value”: “”},

{“Command”: “end”,“Target”: “”,“Value”: “”},

{“Command”: “visualAssert”,“Target”: “B-notification.png”,“Value”: “”},

{“Command”: “if_v2”,“Target”: “${!LastCommandOK}”,“Value”: “”},

{“Command”: “gotoLabel”,“Target”: “B-Received”,“Value”: “”},

{“Command”: “end”,“Target”: “”,“Value”: “”},

{“Command”: “gotoLabel”,“Target”: “START”,“Value”: “”},

Hi, just to clarify: The task is to find a windows notification message?

A message like this one? qGvMu2Vv3i

Yes like this, but it will be generated from Chrome browser to let you know of incoming emails

UPDATE : Any idea ?
The issue here is that Chrome notifications auto-hide (at least to me)
If you know a way to remain visible until you click the X button will work too, because that way i will not rush to detect the notification