VisualAssert not working but also not throwing error

Having an issue with VisualAssert not actually doing anything. Here’s the situation:

When my macros (all of them) that use VisualAssert gets to that step, the macro stops but still thinks it is running. It doesn’t show the timeout counter in the top right corner where the UI vision icon is though. The macro just gets stuck in limbo on that step without completing the step nor erroring out. UI Vision gets locked up and just sits on that step “running” forever.

Sometimes I can get the macro to work by closing completely out chrome and starting it up again but it always breaks on the 2nd try and none of my macros will operate again.

What is going on here? Thanks,


Do you have a test macro for us? Or maybe a screencast?

It is literally a 2 step macro that goes to the homepage of a site and then does a VisualAssert of the page. I tested and this wont even work on any website. My example is going to:

I did a VisualAssert taking a screenshot of the entire page. VisualAssert is just flat out broken it seems.

Also just noting, the UI Icon in the top right that shows the step will display that it is performing Step 2 with the little “2” number under it and just sits there.

This is the entire macro. I left it running all day and it just sits here like this thinking that it is still running.

I recommend that you use a much smaller screen area as input for checking. This makes the image search faster.

But even with a huge image (almost complete viewport) as search input, all works fine for me:

=> For testing this further:

  • Does e. g. DemoXClick work ok on your machine?
  • Do you see the same issue in Firefox?

On the 3rd test run VisualAssert fails because the website has changed (the rotating ad banner).

I tested both my simple macro and the DemoXClick. Both worked on Firefox. Neither works on chrome.

The weirdest part about chrome is that its not even truly failing. I understand the banner changing would cause it to fail but UI Vision isn’t even performing the 10 second timeout that it is supposed to do. In the past, UI Vision would show a 10 second countdown before ultimately failing. Now it just sits in limbo forever on the VisualAssert step.

Any thoughts?

Good to hear that it works in Firefox. The Chrome issue is clearly a bug. But I am not sure what it causing this. You could try to uninstall and reinstall UI Vision and see if this helps. And/or maybe try in a fresh browser profile.

Super late reply, my apologies. Just getting back into working on this project.

I have reinstalled UI Vision and I am still running into the problem of it getting stuck on the first “VisualAssert” step.

Is there any other suggestions anyone can give me as to why this occurs? It just locks up on the visualassert step without throwing an error. Are there cookies/add ons that could interfere with UI Vision somehow?

thank you,


Edit I am getting the macros to work with Firefox, but I REALLY need it to work with Chrome.

If it works in Firefox, I think we can rule out an XModule issue.

  • Can you try it in a clean profile on Chrome?

  • And/or: Try in Edge

Interesting. Using on a fresh profile worked. So there is something wrong with my profile??

That is interesting!

Probably yes,… and we would really like to know what it is :face_with_monocle:

We had such “works in fresh profile” reports in the forum a few times, but we could never recreate it in our tests. One guess is that some other extension is interfering with UI Vision?

Alright…soo…I tried disabling all other extensions and that did not work. However what DID fix this problem is cleaning my cache.…so some sort of cookie/cache item was conflicting with UI Vision it seems. No idea how to pinpoint what was causing it but that seems to be the issue.

I suppose for now I can get by knowing this next time it crops up. I just hope whatever it was doesn’t crop up frequently as I have several services that use 2-step authentication and I am forced to redo those authentications. Some of which are controlled by other people and I’m at their mercy to let me in again.

So there you have it! It’s something in the cache.


Very interesting info, thanks! If it shows up again please let us know. But I hope it’s gone for good now :slight_smile: