visualAssert doesnt' work in chrom


i’m trying to use the visualAssert, visualVerify and visualSearch and i don’t understand why but it did’nt work.

The screenshot is actually normal.

The message in the console is:

The macro still runing without error in the console, when i run demo visual test i got the same issue.
Can you help me please? I just want to check the image.


Just to clarify: So is the problem that the image “ak5…” is not in the website but the visualAssert does not trigger an error?

A screen video would be helpful for us to understand the problem.

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The image is in the website. The image is a icône of notification display in the websit. WIth the visualAssert i just want to check that the image is in the website if is not the macri should show an error. But in my case , the macro didn’t stop and i dont have an error in the console , it’s like the visualAssert Still trying search the picture on the website but can’t do it and still running.

Normally this works fine. So if you can record a screencast of the macro running, this would be helpful to see what is going on.

And is this on Mac, Win or Linux? (But again, a screencast of the desktop while running the macro would show this as well)