Visual assert not working

I am trying to use visualAssert to wait for a captcha to be completed using a solving service.

I am waiting for the text Solved to appear. I have taken a screenshot of that text by using Select on visualAssert around the text, but it continues even though the timeout has not been met and the captcha has not been solved. It appears to think the criteria has been met, even though it has not.

I have also tried css=div.antigate_solver.solved but that does not work either

When I pause the macro and click on Find, it finds it with 100% confidence - 1.00

What could be the issue? The site is private so I can’t share the link, but any tips of what I can look or?

Latest versions of all below as of 1 December:

Hi, can you please post a video (screencast) of this issue? Then we can better understand the situation.