visionFind dpi_96


What affects the dpi of the visionFind image file?

All of a sudden the images are not being found and when I select a new image, it’s making files titled dpi_87 instead of dpi_96.

Thanks in advance.

With the imageName_dpi_XX Kantu stores the DPI of the screenshot image, which is the DPI of your screen. It uses this information to ensure visual UI test macros are compatible between different systems. So if you take your macro from a typical laptop (dpi 96) to a HiDPI system (e. g. macbook or surface laptop) it automatically scales the images up or down, so that they are found.

Now, why Kantu now uses 87 dpi instead of 96 dpi is a bit strange. Some questions:

  • Is this a different machine?
  • Did you change any screen scaling recently? (that should not affect the recognition, but maybe there is a bug)
  • Are you testing the images on the same machine as you created them?

Same machine.
Same scaling.

Yes, this is very odd. This started out of the blue (or at least so it seems to the naked eye.)

I restarted the computer and I’m still getting dpi_87

It’s like something stopped working correctly with image recognition altogether.

Shall I uninstall and re-install the chrome extension?

Yes, please do. It will be very interesting to hear if this fixes the issue.

I had to create a new Chrome profile and install Kantu there.

Thank you.

That is surprising - thanks a lot for this helpful feedback!