Version 8.0.1 freeze

Hi ! I need to report critical problem .I installed version 8.0.1 and after running continuously for around 5 to 20 minutes, the extension just stuck (Freeze) for ever without reason .This happens on Chrome latest version .Anyone with similar problem ?

I uninstall and install Chrome again .And running good for 30 minutes now.I let you know if problem happen again.Thank you !

Freeze again :frowning: .It happens random after 5 to 40 minutes . Any ideas how to solve ?

try another browser

Thanks very much i will try ! But is this going to be fixed ? Developers knows about this ?

Tried also Brave but freeze too ! The only clue i can give, is that stuck always only in “click” orders .But not to same line but in different clicks each time so its not related to a specific line.I have too many other orders but not stuck on them .It stuck on “click” only.

Hmm interesting . I think extension freeze 2 steps later than the “Table view” shows.I will test again to confirm however is not easy to confirm but as i remember last time problem happened, “Table view” shown stuck on a click command , but on page i saw that 2 steps later another click already was clicked so maybe extension is confused because Table View is not always synchronized with what really is clicked ?
It is complicated to confirm it 100% because needs to stuck again to the same point but as i remember now , the button after 2 steps of “Table view” it was already clicked (and this is impossible to be clicked earlier by other command so it seems there is a delay on Table View, compared with what really happens on script).
Is it a way to completely stop the Table View running ? I mean maybe crash is happening because Table View bug.I will try now to slow it down and test again because running with no delay in Options.

Can you record video?

Sorry i can not do video because sensitive info on script.But is not a small script .

I will slow down the table and come back for results :wink:

Problem happened but is not 2 steps later but one step .I mean the Table View showing green color what executed so the next button is executed but was still with white color.But maybe this means nothing since should suck before give color to step.I do some more tests and come back.

Nope.Has nothing to do with how fast running the Table View.Happened again and happens very often :frowning:

I can give maybe a critical clue :
Happens only to click. On log , i see the click is clicked .However on Table View showing white color.Not green.That happens always.
And something more because is important.
Because i see this problem is old, some people they think is related to Store command.I think this is wrong .Is related to Click command , and because sometimes , Click is before Store, they think is stuck on Store.I think is stuck on Click because on my script , some clicks they dont have later a store command. So even on these clicks, extension is stuck !
So maybe these users they say is stuck on Store, because on these store commands , they have always a click before command and stuck on this so they confused by store command.
Developers should focus on click what happening.

Now running more than 40 minutes without problems .It is very early to say what affect the problem but i will be here when i am sure the problem is solved :wink:

try adding delay between steps

Adding Delay no affecting the problem .Maybe can reproduce the problem by selecting enabling “Highlight elements during replay” .By this setting, the problem happens more often.
Then by disable , you can have this working for some minutes but again problem will happen .Maybe is relating to strange action of Windows to set Chrome extension to Lowest priority after some minutes .Even i set it to High, then priority goes automatically to Low after some minutes .This maybe explain the reason i am not sure…
However i tested same script on 2 machines .On win10 64 bit and win 10 32bit .On Chrome and Brave .On both machines application not work after some minutes :frowning: .

Maybe is related to page where script work i am not sure .
But extension is not stopping but seems to freeze on to Click step and wait there (without counting time)…
The only clue i can provide is that stuck 100% only on Click commands.

Also another clue .Stuck happens always exactly AFTER click .I mean on all tests , the click executed so its not freeze while try to click but after click executed.
The next command of click i think is not affect the problem because on my tests are always different commands so i dont see any clue on this.
So developers could focus on (simple) Click what could happen exactly after execution , which can freeze the script.Please think any possible reason could happen.

Hi, we would love to debug this further but need a test macro.

So it sounds like this happens with a specific macro? You can also test with the new V8.1.0 Beta

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Another clue is that some times the problem seems to happen exactly before click, and some others exactly after click .For example on page i work , there is one button , and when you press it , then appears another one for confirm.
So Kantu says (on logs) that first button is pressed and stuck on second .But the truth is that the second button didnt appear so that means the first button didnt pressed.
But this does not happen always .Sometimes the button is pressed and the second button is shown and there stucks.
Maybe the problem is related to webpage .
However the same buttons will work for example for 20 minutes without problem .Then will freeze and then will work again.