Verify element present is not work really

Hello.I used “Verify element present” on many websites and many different macros.The problem is, when macro is looping to check again the existing element.I mean the same element is normally found by the same command in same macro for many times.
But suddenly after many looping (for example after 100 loop) when return to same element to check, system says that element is not found.But element is there and the same command already found it before 1 second.You can make a test by yourself creating a code which checks some tabs and when return to the tab with the element to check, then will appear error “the element is not found”.

Also i forgot to say some important.I always checked the link of element on website after the error to be sure that is not changed.The link is NOT changed from website and is the same so the element should be found.

I try to found if this is my network issue.I dont know if is possible the network to affect the command but i let you know soon.

Can you post a test macro with a public website? Then I can test it.

I make some tests currently.It seems the problem is on the website side and not on the application side.
I mean after the error, i check the link of element and appears the same as before (so it should not appear error). But, when i refresh the page , the link is changing.So, i think on first step, even the link is appear same, maybe the application already has read the new link (even is not appear on page) so the error maybe is correct.
I will do some more tests to confirm it.

I continue to this.Webpage is not good and sometimes without reason the elements are not load or the values in element not load.After refresh the page the elements or the values are there normaly.I try to write a command to refresh the page when the variable takes value LNF .I try like this
Store value ----> Var1
ifv2 {Var1} == #LNF Refresh, goto label Try again, but is showing error .I mean "{Var1} == #LNF" maybe is not the correct syntax.Any idea of what command can give instead ? Thanks.