VB6 RPA software integration

Please bear with me - I am just getting started with UI Vision. Remember we all had training wheels on our bikes when we started learning to ride a bike. :slight_smile:
I am very impressed with the software. It looks like it will solve my problem.

I am plan on using UI Vision to query a website and get pricing details. There are a total of 80 cvs files. Each file is 100 part numbers. I have found that this is a workable qty for the website to process at one time. Through my software I paste each csv file into the clipboard and the clipboard get pasted to the website using the macro. I will then parse the website and get the returned values.

I have a couple of questions…

  1. I have an existing software program written in VB6 (Yes it is older but it allows rapid changes - we deal with several warehouses and this allows us to download and process pricing files easily. What is the recommended way to shell to a macro. Since I need to do this upto 80 times. My thought is …
    Open the webpage
    Loop through the csv files
    Close the webpage.

  2. After I paste the csv file It returns values. Is there a recommended way to determine the number of rows that are in the table. My solution is create a variable and use a csv file to load the value when the macro starts. That would set the number of rows I need to look for. For example there may be only 40 items in file.

  3. On the table - There is an id of Part0001. That contains a value to be returned. The the numeric portion must always be 4 digits. Is there a way to create a loop and format accordingly. Currently my solution involves a if then statement with each block representing 1 table line. This would involve over 300 lines in the macro.

Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated.

Command line => There is a VBS RPA example code

Two options:

  • Check !csvReadMaxRow variable

  • Or read the CSV file into an array with csvReadArray - then you can apply Javascript code onto the array. You can use this to count the rows with JS “array length” operator and do more fancy stuff like to mark a CSV line as processed

See here: Convert 1-digit number to 2-digit

Thank you for the prompt outstanding answers. They help reduce my code greatly. I appreciate the help.