Variables don't hold their definition

Hello forum,

I’m a beginner and I’m using trial version of UI in Desktop mode.
I’m struggling with something that should be very basic.

I store a value in a variable and then I read it, something like:
store 10 A
echo $A

the store operation seems successful because correctly appears in the variables tab.
However, the echo command fails with the following:

[info] Executing: | store | 10 | A |
[info] Macro completed (Runtime 0.33s)
[info] Executing: | echo | ${A} | |
[error] Line 10: variable “A” is not defined
[info] Macro failed (Runtime 0.03s)

it happens the same with more complex commands like readcsvarray.
I store the array in a variable (say B), it correctly appears in the variables tab, and then when I do echo ${B[1][1]} I get the error saying that variable B is not defined and the variable disappears from the variable tab.

What am I doing wrong here?

Best Regards

You must use globalvar, this types of variable do not reset after macro finished

Read here

Hello newuserkantu,

the problem I have reported appear between 2 consecutives lines of the same macro.

Best Regards