Variable Variables $$$

can i do Variable Variables in
example… i explain it in the php programming language, seem like this:
$real_variable = ‘test’;
$name = ‘real_variable’;
$name_of_name = ‘name’;

echo $name_of_name;
echo $$name_of_name;
echo $$$name_of_name;

the output will be like this:

could be like that? how can i use that function in

and can do some interactive with the user, display the form, and the user fills it in, then stored it as a variable?

I don’t know of a workaround for nested variables (maybe someone else can chime in) but PROMPT will allow user input that you store to a variable


I do not understand useful of this command seems totally useless and nonsense, use variables indicating a number var1, var2 and manage them quickly and easily.

I guess what you really want are arrays. UI Vision supports Selenium-IDE style array :slight_smile:

For more details on arrays see:

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oh thanks, that’s all i need