Variable as command

Hello there, I don’t if this has been asked before, but I am wondering if it’s possible to run variable as command. What I mean by that is run javascript, make it return a variable that as a command name, then run command from that variable.
Here is a very simple macro of what I want to do:

executeScript | return “type”; | command |
${command} | target | stuff |

Why? I feel like running javascript if way faster than running command after command, with this I could loop through the script and return different command each time and since I like very simple coding, it will leave with about 2-3 line of command :slight_smile:.

dont think its possible
you have to choose from the command list

“Name”: “Auto”,
“CreationDate”: “2021-9-24”,
“Commands”: [
“Command”: “store”,
“Target”: “echo”,
“Value”: “abc”,
“Description”: “”
“Command”: “${abc}”,
“Target”: “a”,
“Value”: “”,
“Description”: “”


I got this error

  • [error]

Line 2: Command ${abc} not supported yet

Yea no it’s not possible, I’ve tried multiple ways…

Hopefully a developer will read this thread and do something with it :nerd_face:

You can call external scripts with XRUN, maybe that helps?

Also, to speed up the runtime in general see Increase UI speed - #6 by admin

Im sure the developer reads everything. :wink:

Just thinking out loud. Can a macro write another macro, save it, then execute it? The sort of thing one commonly does, for example, with PL/SQL? This would achieve the goal, even if it would require a lot more work.