Var value in javascript not updated during loop

“Type”: “Image”,
“Mode”: “Extract”,
“Image”: “ust.png”,
“ConfidenceLevel”: 0.5,
“Extract”: “TEXT”,
“Position”: “0”
“Type”: “Javascript”,
“JS”: “var b = parseInt( ${!BOX1} /10,10)*10+”"; return b;"
hi, i did make a code as above (partialy), and it run smoothly for first time but when i run in loop mode then ${!BOX1} from the extract text is still smoothly but when it come to javascript it still keep the previous value the ${!JSRESULT} still the same didnt change , what shoud i do?

I recommend that you use Kantu instead of SeeShell, because it has the more powerful storeEval command.