Using to generate text from scrolling video

Hi, I was wondering if it will be possible to grab text from scrolling video automatically (instead of doing OCR frame by frame).

Many online games that have guilds or alliances typically have list of members with some sort of data, such as last online, activity level, power etc. However these games (especially mobile games) do not provide much functionality to manage guilds so they don’t provide you with any tools to record/review these data or even to sort them. Therefore a use case would be to make a video of scrolling through such a list in-game and then using some software to do OCR and generate a table of the text.

I guess one could write a program to capture the video as image frame by frame, stitch them together to generate a non-overlapping long image, then do OCR on the resulting image. However I was just wondering if there are existing tools/software available to do that already so I don’t need to write this from scratch.

Any thoughts? Thanks a lot in advance!

We have customers that use the OCR API to extract text from a video. For example, they capture the news headline and banners. They all grab the video frame themselves, for example take a screenshot every X seconds, and then send this screenshot to our API for OCR conversion.