Using Desktop Automation with Windows Task Scheduler

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I have been trying to automate a series of tasks using Desktop Automation and Windows Task Scheduler. I am running into a couple of issues:

  • First, where the first Macro/Task of the day will run, but the second Task triggering the SeeShell.exe will result in the first instance of Seeshell.exe to close. Note that I do not intend for the tasks to run alongside one another, they are scheduled to run one after another. Each task is scheduled to run for a set amount of time and then the next task runs once the preceding task’s time is up. I find that overall running one Seeshell.exe task after another proves to lead to inconsistent results (i.e. sometimes the second task will run properly using the existing instance of Seeshell.exe, whereas other times the second task will instead act only to close the existing instance of Seeshell.exe, other times running the second task can act only to open Seeshell.exe, but will not run the macro specified in the “Add Arguments” section of the Task Scheduler’s “Edit Action” screen.

We currently run a series of tasks, many of which have been designed as pseudo open-ended loops that run until they fail depending on how many orders are present in our system on a given day. The following task is to close all open Chrome and Excel windows and run a similar open-ended loop for the next customer’s orders, followed by the same Chrome/Excel Closing task.

Are we not using Task Scheduler properly to complete these tasks or is there a known bug between Seeshell.exe and Windows Task Scheduler?

  • The second issue that I am encountering is related to a Desktop Automation Macro that was created simply to right-click on the Chrome and Excel taskbar icons and select “Close Window”. When this macro is triggered by Windows Task Scheduler, it appears that Seeshell is attempting to click on the icons (a red rectangle briefly appears around the icon on screen), however the right-click menu is not activated. I have tried having the macro first perform a normal click and then a right-click, however neither click seems to register. The interesting part is that when I run the macro directly by double-clicking on it in the Seeshell.exe menu, the clicks register properly and the right-click menu is accessed every time.
    What could be causing this inconsistency? Again, is there a known bug between Seeshell.exe and Task Scheduler that is causing this error?

I have sent these questions in for support and will update if I receive a solution from them.

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Check this section in the settings section of the task:
If the task is already running, then the following rule applies

Also, it is better for task scheduler to start a script which starts your macro. In there you can put in timers, have them run sequentially, etc.

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Thank you for the advice!

I am unfamiliar with coding a script. Do you know the best way to get started on a script that would run a number of .see files in series? I would ideally want the next .see file to trigger once the previous file completed or failed (i.e. If Macro 1.see completes, run Macro 2.see. If Macro 1.see fails to complete, run Macro 2.see, etc.).

Any links to a good tutorial or beginner level advice would be much appreciated!